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Since 1993

Find Your F I T.

Fitness has changed my life forever. Now, there is no greater success to me than to helping someone else to grasp how important and life-changing fitness can be for them.


I believe in the law of attraction. The energy with which you meet the world is unwaveringly magnetized back to you.

I don’t believe there will ever be a one-size-fits-all recipe for “fit.” I believe that you CHOOSE your fit. That’s why I stand behind #FindYourFit, which is ultimately the core belief behind the Rosie Partmann brand.

What makes YOU move, what gives you the will and the way to create your ideal body and lifestyle? How much time do you have? Are you a mother with 3 kids or a single 20-something getting home from a late night of partying? I want to present the tools to make women feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin, and show them why it’s time to embrace the YOU.

Fitness has changed my life forever and now it's time for it to do the same to you.


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